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Who we are?
Why Aeroshine?

We are an Essex based aircraft valeting and detailing company which can cover any location in the UK dependent on the aircraft owner’s needs. I personally have been involved in the aviation world for over 10 years from flying to having an engineering background which has given me a wealth of knowledge and expertise. So your aircraft is safe in our hands. 


We are fully insured, trained and more importantly fully certified to carry out all of our services. We take ultimate pride in the work carried out, to make sure that all of our clients are satisfied. We offer competitive prices and will try to beat any quote. We are proud to deal only in the aviation sector therefore we have a wealth of knowledge, not only of aircraft but of the products and their applications too.  

Aeroshine are proud to say that we  use aerospace approved products on your aircraft. They are considered by most to be the best available and more importantly the safest.   


Paint Protection:

Reduces the risk of corrosion and fading. Also our dry wash solution eliminates the tendency for standing water on your aircraft which is known to cause corrosion.

Operation and maintenance costs:

Cleaning your aircraft has shown to reduce costs not only on fuel but also on maintenance. It has been proven that a well cleaned aircraft can increase its speed on average by 5 knots.  

Re-sale value:

Having a well serviced and well cleaned aircraft you can preserve its condition much better than if you never had it cleaned or serviced. When it comes to selling your aircraft it will look as if it had just come out of the factory.