We like to keep things simple at Aeroshine, you may see other companies offering "gold service" "silver service" etc but we strive to offer a hassle free service so we can work around your aircraft maintenance and the times you are flying. We offer a "Basic Valet" & a "Full Valet". We also offer additional detailing services which are seen below.  If you require a part of or a combination of any of the below for example if you just require your wings polished or just an interior clean we will be happy to do this.

Basic Valet 

Dry or waterless wash of all external surfaces including the underside, windows cleaned, hoover of the interior & wipe down of all interior surfaces. 

Full Valet

Dry or waterless wash of all external surfaces including the underside, machine or hand polish of the exterior surfaces, windows cleaned, hoover of the interior & wipe down of all interior surfaces (inclusive of leather seats), TFT/LCD/CRT screens cleaned. Chrome spinner polished.

Additional Detailing 

Bright work (Chrome) & Polished metal surfaces.

Leather  care. 

Wheel well & undercarriage detailing.

Protective Coatings. 

Dry Wash

The dry wash solution we offer is a quick, inexpensive and more importantly environmentally friendly way to improve the look of your aircraft.

In simple terms we use an aircraft grade solution applied onto the aircraft exterior as you would similar to polishing a car it is then wiped off using microfiber cloths to give a streak, water spot free finish. 

This services takes the need away for your aircraft to be moved to a washing area so it can be cleaned in its parking spot and even in your hanger. Due to environmental regulations  most are moving away from using water (due to contamination run off) for cleaning and are now using such dry wash systems which is why we offer this as our first choice . 

Waterless Wash

A water less wash is what it says in the title, there is no need for any water to touch your aircraft. we use a product called Wash Wax All 

The solution is sprayed onto the aircraft and simply wiped off and gives a great finish at minimal cost.   

Protective Coatings

Aeroshine are now offering protective coatings for both the exterior and interior of your aircraft.


 We offer two options, either a nano ceramic coating (Re-applied every 4/5 years) or a polymer/silicone coating (Re-applied every 4/5 months)

Both options will offer the ultimate protection for your paint, both create a layer of protection which is long lasting and durable to protect against the harsh environment aircraft encounter. It will repel contaminates normal paint sealants will not, therefore keeping your aircraft cleaner for longer.

Leather Care

Its not about just the exterior of your aircraft being clean and revitalised but over time your leather seats will degrade, we have a solution for this. 

Our service will offer a full clean of the leather removing oil and dirt built up over time.  

After cleaning we apply a leather care solution which moisturises your leather without leaving any oily residue.

De - Ice Boot Treatment 

Over time the rubber on your de-ice boots will deteriorate so we can help restore them by stripping back layers on sealant and applying a new coating.

Chrome & Polished Metals

 We are able to provide a service which which will care for any chrome or polished metal surfaces on your aircraft, such as spinners . We use a product which not only polishes metals and paints to an incredibly deep, clear and image-reflecting surface, but also imparts a protective chemical barrier to inhibit corrosive oxidation to the metal.


The perfect product for polishing aircraft aluminium or as it is often called, brightwork. Approved by Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, Boeing and most leading aircraft manufacturers for polishing aluminium.